How It Works

Dottedlink is an online platform created to assist entrepreneurs and investors connect with and grow their business networks. It also serves as an e-commerce platform that provides entrepreneurs and investors with relevant products and services. 

The site works by having entrepreneurs and investors answer a basic set of questions related to their companies and the business entities they’re looking to connect with. The answers that entrepreneurs provide us will allow the Dottedlink team to create what’s known as their unique entrepreneurship profile. Similarly, the answers that investors provide us will allow us to create their investor profile.

The Dottedlink team will proceed by posting an investor’s or entrepreneur’s profile on the Dottedlink platform. Entrepreneurs and investors looking to expand their business networks will be able to access the profiles that best appeals to them by purchasing a membership plan and logging onto the site.

Creating your profile

Investors can create their profiles by clicking on the “create investor profile” tab available on the homepage.

Entrepreneurs can create their profiles with us by clicking on the “create business profile” tab also available on the homepage.

Providing information to the Dottedlink platform does not require investors nor entrepreneurs to have registered accounts with us.

The questions themselves don’t take longer than a few minutes to complete.

Accessing information

To access an investor’s or entrepreneur’s profile, both entrepreneurs and investors need to purchase a membership plan. There are three membership plans available. The bronze plan, the gold plan and the platinum plan.

The bronze plan allows you access to investor and entrepreneurship profiles for 30 days. The gold plan will allow you access to information for 60 days and the platinum plan will allow you access to information for 90 days.

Entrepreneurs and investors don’t need to have an account with us to purchase anything from the store, however, should you want to retrieve any details relating to your purchase, you’ll need to register an account with us. The step by step procedure on how to do so can be found below:

Step 1: Registration and Login

Step 1.1) Type in the domain name “” on your browser and press enter

Step 1.2) Once on the Dottedlink homepage, head over to “My account” and click on “create account”

Step 1.3) Head over and click on “Register”

Step 1.4) Fill in all the required fields and then click on “Complete Signup”

Step 1.5) Activate your account by logging into the email address you gave us when signing up and click on the link provided.

Step 1.6) Log in by clicking on “Log in” and fill in your registration details.

Step 2: Accessing your account

You can access your account from the “My account” tab on the header of the website.

Through your account, you can access your dashboard, orders, downloads, addresses and account details. You can also log out from the platform from here.

Step 3: Shopping

There are two types of products available on the Dottedlink platform.

The first are products that we sell through the Dottedlink store.

The second are products that are available through third party internet retailers.

Purchasing either one of these products is a straightforward process. 

How to purchase products on the Dottedlink store.

3.1) Head over and click on the “shop” tab located at the header of the website.

3.2) Scroll down and select the product you’d like to purchase.

3.3) Read the product’s description then click on “add to cart”.

3.4) Once the product’s been added to the cart, click on “view cart”.

3.5) If there was a coupon code that was made available to you, enter the code and click on “apply code”. If not, click on “proceed to checkout”.

3.6) Enter your billing details and click on “proceed to PayFast”.

3.7) Follow PayFast’s step by step instructions to purchase your product.

How to purchase products from third party retailers.

3.8) Head over and click on the “shop” tab located at the header of the website.

3.9) Scroll down and select the product you’d like to purchase.

3.10) Read the product’s description then click on “buy product”.

3.11) Learn more about the product and when satisfied scroll down to the end of the page to purchase it.

3.12) Follow the retailer’s instructions on how to proceed.