Who Are We?

Dottedlink is an online platform created to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs connect with and better understand investors and their investment requirements.

Entrepreneurs who use the platform have access to information investors provide them regarding the businesses they’ve invested in.

This allows you, as the small business owner and entrepreneur, the chance to improve and structure your business for the same outcome.

Anyone who's applied for financial assistance from an investor but has had their request rejected knows the frustration this can cause. 

Without in-depth knowledge of how investors operate and the businesses they prefer to fund, many entrepreneurs will often find themselves in the same position. This is where the Dottedlink platform aims to help. 



Why Should You Use The Dottedlink Platform?

  • Entrepreneurs who use the Dottedlink platform are able to draft better business plans.                 
  • Entrepreneurs and investors will be able to connect with each other directly from the platform.
  • It makes it easier for entrepreneurs and business owners to model their companies after businesses that have successfully received funding.
  • Small business owners are able to improve on different aspects of their businesses. 
  • Dottedlink helps you learn from other small business owners who've successfully been funded. 
  • The amount of rejections small business owners and entrepreneurs receive from the investors they've applied to for funding will decline. 
  • For investors, connecting with entrepreneurs who are familiar with their investment procedures and requirements becomes easier. 
  • Both our entrepreneurs and investors are able to understand different industries better when using the Dottedlink platform.