Who Are We?

Dottedlink is an online platform created to help entrepreneurs and investors connect with and grow their business networks. It also serves as an e-commerce platform that provides you with relevant products and services. As an entrepreneur or investor you will have access to business networks that will help you grow your businesses.

Why Should You Use The Dottedlink Platform?  

  • Entrepreneurs and investors will be able to connect with each other directly from the platform.
  • The platform makes it easier for business owners to connect with and ultimately form strategic business relationships and partnerships with each other.
  • Small business owners are able to improve on different aspects of their businesses.  
  • For investors, connecting with entrepreneurs who are familiar with their investment procedures and requirements becomes easier. 
  • Both our entrepreneurs and investors are able to understand different industries better when using the Dottedlink platform.
  • Both investors and entrepreneurs will be able continuously updated on the different business networks registering on the platform.